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All references to "our Company" or “the Company” or “BHB " are made to Bioalpha Holdings Berhad (Company No. 949536-X), references to "Our Group" or “the Group” or “BHB Group” are made to our Company and our subsidiaries and references to "we" or "us" or "our" or "ourselves" are made to our Company or our Group or any member of our Group, as the context requires.



The following abbreviations are used in this section:

BHB or Company Bioalpha Holdings Berhad (Company No. 949536-X)
BHB Shares or Shares Ordinary shares of RM0.05 each in BHB
CAGR Compound annual growth rate
EPP Entry point projects are high impact projects, matched with specific ideas and actions, to spur the growth of the NKEAs
ETP Economic Transformation Programme
FYE Financial year ended/ending
FPE Financial period ended
IPO Initial public offering of our IPO Shares
IPO Price RM0.20 per IPO Share
IPO Shares 100,000,000 new BHB Shares, to be issued pursuant to our IPO
Listing Admission to the Official List and the listing of and quotation for our entire enlarged issued and paid-up share capital comprising 463,413,114 Shares on the ACE Market of Bursa Securities
MOH Ministry of Health
NKEA National Key Economic Area
RM and sen Ringgit Malaysia and sen, respectively


Technical References

Active compound Active compound refers to biological components within active ingredients which may have certain therapeutic properties
Active ingredient Active ingredient refers to the substance produced from the extraction process of herbs (such as medicinal mushrooms, kacip fatimah and tongkat ali) or non-herbal materials (such as fishes and pearls)
Clinical Research Organisation or CRO A CRO provides clinical trial testing and other research support services for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries
Fish collagen Fish collagen is a protein extracted from fish that is mostly used in cosmetics
Formulated ingredient Formulated ingredient refers to semi-finished products which we produce using one (1) or more active ingredients
Functional food Functional food is food with potentially positive effect on health beyond basic nutrition
Herbal supplement Herbal supplement refers to dietary and nutritional supplement which is manufactured from herbal active ingredients such as tongkat ali and medicinal mushrooms, and is used to boost an individual’s nutritional intake and/or which offer the potential of improved health. It is typically found in a tablet and capsule forms
Medicinal mushroom Medicinal mushroom are mushrooms with therapeutic properties or health benefits
Medium or Functional-claim Medium or functional-claim is a type of health supplement claim, which refers to a particular health supplement product’s ability to maintain and enhance the structure or function of the human body, and excludes claims related to diseases
Non-herbal supplement Non-herbal supplement refers to dietary and nutritional supplement which is manufactured from non-herbal active ingredients such as fish collagen, fish oil and silk peptide, and is used to boost an individual’s nutritional intake and/or which offer the potential of improved health. It is typically found in tablet and capsule forms
Silk peptide Silk peptide is an active ingredient utilised in the manufacturing of health supplement products. It is essentially a mixture of protein with tissue regeneration properties and is thus known to enhance skin health
Traditional herbs Traditional herbs refer to herbal plants which are believed or traditionally used by different cultures in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness